Thursday, April 30, 2009

Exhausted by the old

After another few days of doing very little and failing to get out of bed before 11am and generally enjoying ourselves very much, the owners call and ask if they may disrupt our idyllic life so they can fix the bathroom which is apparently leaking into the apartment below. We are generous and allow them to do so because it seems polite - we are informed that Germans would not be as nice about it, or offer cups of tea and lunch as we do. Mother would be so proud. Four men take apart one bathroom, then the other, at which point I realise that we have no toilets and that I should not have drunk so much tea. But I love it so much . . . Fortunately just as I am pondering the bucket in the corner of the laundry, they very kindly give us one loo back. Crisis averted.

The owners are a charming English couple in their 60s, who refuse to live in England, but instead live in France for six months and Spain for the other six. It sounds very tiring. Horrified at having put us out of a toilet for a few hours they insist we come for drinks - they have also discovered that Katie has a bicycle and they too love cycling, so good warm feelings all round. They ply us with wine, so much so that I have to resort to sitting as far away from my wine glass as possible else I get totally fucked up. More warm feelings when I find their Arthur Ransome collection and borrow one and then they insist I take several others as well, which is just as well because I´m running a bit low on reading material. By this point we are all pretty much in love with each other so they drag us out for dinner and we eat a lot of fish and chortle at the Spanish dessert option of a Magnum icecream presented on a saucer with a flourish.

Katie and I then both have worst night´s sleep ever, which is unfortunate because we said we´d be out of the apartment by 9 so the chaps can come back and continue to destroy the bathroom. We stumble to the beach, I push Katie over and she falls asleep and I find the market and buy fruit, which I don´t want, what I want is hot chocolate and churros and I think I might go and get that now. Oh God, so tired.

This was a pretty rubbish update, sorry.

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Ben said...

You should refund my money.

Oh, wait.