Sunday, April 19, 2009

More ranting about public toilets

I drank a lot of tea in Ireland and therefore had to use a lot of toilets. Easter weekend - all the public loos were locked, feck it. What's the bloody point? I had to pee behind the damn toilets. Judging by the amount of toilet paper lying about, I was not the first to have this idea.

Em's wedding yesterday - was an utterly gorgeous summer day, with cutesy English church, park champagne photo stuff, double decker bus and far too much wine. And the Time Warp. I felt a trifle off colour this morning, but there was no time for dilly dallying as had roast at Kruse's to attend, along with Chook'n'Katie'n'Caro'n'Dom. Roast onion is currently very high on my list of yum things I should eat more of.

Was particularly pleased with my wedding outfit as it cost £4. Vintage 60s, completely non-breathable blue dress. I was ever so cute. And a trifle smelly by the end of the evening owing to said non-breathable material and my sweat-inducing enthusiastic dancing.

Spain tomorrow so it might be about time to have a look over my Spanish homework, which I have been meaning to do for about four weeks now. They all speak English over there anyway, don't they? You just have to talk louder and slower with an exasperated expression and wave your hands around a bit.

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