Thursday, April 23, 2009


Did not make Grenada. Got stuck in a supermarket underground car park. Our hire car was upgraded so is very large soccer mom type Mercedes station wagon thingy. Is an utter bitch to drive on other side of road (not that I would know but Katie´s potty mouth would indicate she´s had more fun). At any rate - getting out of tiny parking spot, around car park whilst avoiding pillars of doom and through tight barrier on weird angle was incredibly difficult. Barrier also had a timer which we failed. In the end we got the driver of the car behind us to help out, guessing that as a native driver of the other side he would be able to manouvere mammoth wagon better than us. Sometimes being a girl, and blonde into the bargain, is very helpful.

By then it was 5pm and we decided that instead of Granada we would go back to the village and have gin. And possibly get chatted up by a Scotsman. Who hopefully now thinks that we are lesbians.

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Ben said...

All updated now, like - nice.Good luck getting to Grenada, but remember to be wary of grenades once there.