Monday, April 27, 2009

Coming out in spots

I thought perhaps I was allergic to Spain as my tummy is covered in spots, and as I spent a lot of time in South America being infected with things, I just thought this was par for the course and as long as it wasn´t my bladder again, I could take the peril. But then I recalled that I had similar spots in January, when I thought I´d just splattered myself with sunblock in a weird manner and so now I am forced to conclude that I do not have an intriguing rash that will allow me to meet hot Spanish doctors, but rather I have some bizarre skin pigmentation issue that doesn´t seem to be affecting my health so I will ignore it.

It does make me look like a leopard, though, so not all bad.

Spain did give me insomnia and headaches, but they seem to be clearing up. A likely explanation for the headaches would be booze, but Katie and I seem to have somehow, for some inexplicable reason, not really indulged. We had plans to totally take over this village of 2,500 people on Saturday night, but somehow wound up reading and drinking tea instead. Old age is certainly taking its toll.

I think I had a tea hangover yesterday. Turns out you can have too much of a good thing. But it was raining, although in a nice and charming Spanish manner so I read some more. Finished Katie´s book on Enoughism, which is both depressing and inspiring - depressing because I really do need to face up to the fact that I don´t need more shoes and inspiring because Katie and I are now determed to Save the World. One square of 70% cocoa, sugar-free chocolate at a time.

Fuck. I thought I had mosquito bites on my back but Katie has just confirmed that I have a rash. Perhaps this is because I have jumped on Katie´s wheat, sugar and dairy free bandwagon for this trip as it just makes things easier when cooking. Obviously I am allergic to not having any of those things.

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