Saturday, May 2, 2009

Exhausted by Justin and Katie

He said it was an accident but today Justin invented the avocado white wine spritzer. Flashbacks to the smoked chicken martini of years gone by immediately followed.

I am too old for 4am bedtimes. Justin tried to go to bed at 2am but Katie kept filling up his glass and said that as she likes to deal in twos, he couldn´t go to bed until 4. So none of us could. I think she regretted that today when she had to drive to pick up Caro but we screwed up the arrival time and then she got lost and as far as I know she´s currently asleep on a beach somewhere near the airport because Caro doesn´t touch down at 4.30pm - she gets in at 8.30. Justin and I are on dinner. Literally. Eggplants like it when you stand on them.

Gibberish again. I really need sleep. Leopard print coming along nicely on tummy. Rashy thing still bumpy.

Katie is learning to say some very rude words. I am so very proud of her.

Topless women everywhere. Justin loves it. Nudist beach sometime this week where I bet he just faints from all the boobies on display.

And I´m down another credit card. I wasn´t even drunk when I lost it.

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