Monday, April 11, 2011

Upside down and inside out

So, as no doubt many other 33-year-old adult women did today, I got to work and discovered my knickers were on inside out.

And then there was a fire drill which was pretty much an excuse to stand about outside in the sun discussing what the different coloured hats on people's heads meant - which is probably not such a good sign given they are the floor wardens/first aid wardens. I should know that stuff. There's just so much stuff to remember as a grown up. And apparently I can't even remember to put my knickers on the right way round which makes me, gosh, I don't know, a really honest dunce?


Truly-Belle said...

I think it makes you beautifully honestly valuably genuine, plus you happen to be totally awesome - so that's everything!

Determinist said...

My life is enriched by that knowledge (the nickers part).