Monday, April 11, 2011

Sweet and very sour

Yes, yes, I know. Two posts in two days. I must be drunk. Or ill. Probably ill because I have just eaten the most godawful biscuit. Two salty crackers with lemon icing placed squarely (no human applies icing in that manner) in between them.

And I only ate it because some utter wanker in my office ate my breakfast Tim Tam and I need my early morning sugar injection and I was pretty desperate. I concede that if I didn't want the last biscuit in the pack to be eaten by anyone other than me, then perhaps I ought to have hidden the Tim Tam until such time as I deemed it necessary to smash said oblong of Not Good For You into my slavering biscuit embracing unit.

It just didn't occur to me when I left the office at the terribly late hour of 5.10pm last night that anyone would be so foolish as to eat the last Tim Tam after that because I have become infamous for eating them first thing in the morning. Clearly the Tim Tams would not be replenished before 8am so what the hell was the Tim Tam taker thinking?

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