Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I repel technology

Laptop died. Good and proper this time. I am hijacking Oren's whilst he works. Shhh. He'll never know. After this I might see if my laptop is a flying laptop. It says it's not, but I think it's lying.

This is going to be all short and sweet, pretty much the complete opposite of me, because I am feeling poorly (don't want chocolate, never a good sign), I'm shattered from sickness and new job with ridiculous hours, and I woke myself up this morning too early because I was having a dream/nightmare that involved being naked with Iggy Pop.


Nat said...

Is there any other way to be with Iggy?

When beer starts to taste bad then I'm about to get sick.

Determinist said...

I was wondering how the new job was going. Now I know. Ridiculous.

Sorry about the laptop. Is there going to be a funeral? We could have a flying ceremony.