Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sex, lies and videotape

There is no sex. That would be the lie. I saw Pump up the Volume a while back on the old video though. Phwoar Christian Slater back in the day.

And it transpires that if the moon is in the right spot and the sausage rolls are just so and I've had just the right amount of Battlestar to get me through till morning, and the Singstar is in a separate room to the rest of the party, then by jingo I'll enjoy it. And I jumped off furniture whilst doing so. Will and Sara throw a good party. Except for the wine thief with pink hair. The act did spark a rather good conversation on the morality of booze thefting at parties - a glass is fine, taking the whole bottle is a no no.

Saw Harry Potter tonight. And the utter highlight was making it through a 2.5 hour movie without having to disrupt my row by stumbling to the toilet in the dark. Go me and my bladder.

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