Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fleeting Extreme Radness

Fleetwood Mac are coming! They totally deserve an exclamation mark. I swoon at the very thought of the Mac and am lolling on my living room carpet listening to them right now. It's just me, a large cup of tea, this charming block of chocolate that insists of smearing itself all over my face, and my broken laptop with the Mac blaring and I'm sprawled inelegantly (who sprawls elegantly? Maybe Coco Chanel would have?) doing the crossword and I am totally relishing being the only one home.

Not that I don't adore my flatmates, who are very good at being flatmates and super rad into the bargain, but it's been a social few weeks and I am rather tickled at the opportunity to be alone - I've been having some good conversations in my head lately and it will be nice to air these with myself openly. If only I wouldn't be so pigheaded sometimes and would just listen to me, I'm sure I'd be doing much better at this game of life.

Eighties dance party last night - I am sore. But I pulled some sweet as dance moves whilst wearing hot pink lycra. And this morning Ruthie and I watched Girls JustWant to Have Fun and got ideas for more dance moves that are guaranteed to make us so many friends on the dance floor.

Still working for the man. I feel like such a traitor.

Oh, and Captain Morgan is back. I sense trouble.

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