Monday, May 7, 2012

On cleanliness and champagne

I found my knickers! Such rejoycing and such a lot of laundry powder. Yes, that's right - they'd been stuffed in a side pocket in the large pack I took home for Christmas. Not the loveliest discovery but BUT I've got my knickers back.

This is probably of more interest to most people - I'm in London quaffing champagne. Because that's how I roll, mofos. Also. I have been to a GIG. That's how cool I am. Gigs - like the young and hip go to. Where we had to stand up even! I have also seen people from way back in my past but now they are here in my future and somewhere along the line they picked up kids and wives/partners or are discussing their weddings and all I can say is, 'Oh golly, more champagne you say, don't mind if I do'.

Being back in London is a little odd - like coming home but not really. I know where things are and how things work but still feel a little stupid and slow in trying to work things out. At least this time it's not going to take me 30 very angry minutes to find the sugar in the supermarket.

The London office is nice - large. Way large. I have been warned to only enter and exit the same way each day else be found weeks later in IT muttering, 'She said turn left by the stairwell, why can't I find the toilets?'

Best thing I have overheard so far - Germans asking what a gimp is. Those big jokers. Of course they know what a gimp is. They're German.

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