Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wanking with gusto

In my continuing efforts to be a total wanker, I nipped home for the weekend for luncheon with Hazel. And some other stuff, like dad's birthday and a side trip to Whangamata for a bloody mary but that's less interesting than being fed by one's editor, no?

Hazel, who knows such stuff, took me to Prego, where you can't book! Total wanker land. You just have to turn up bang on 12 and storm the castle. Which we did, after being witnesses to an old man hitting the accelerator in his car for no good reason and then crashing into a pole and narrowly missing a woman walking by. Auckland - something for everyone.


bubbles said...

You've experienced the ultimate in wankery now Penelope. In fact you might even say it was the climax.

Penelope said...

I need a cigarette.