Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Knickers, knickers, knickers

Instead of moving we decided it would be much more fun to just swap rooms! Like wife swapping but without the reality tv show.

However, in the aftermath I have been startled and not a little horrifed to discover skullduggery! The knicker pixies have been hard at work and I am missing two, TWO pairs. I have, of course, rummaged through Nic and Kajal's panty drawers to see if they had hidden my precious, precious rompers in there but to no avail.

Am now concerned that Harriet and Arron took them as mementos when they moved out. Must get Nic and Kajal to check they have all their undergarments and are not lacking special items.

Seriously, they were good knickers. Comfy, pretty and I like to think I cut quite the fine figure in them when prancing round the apartment when no one else is home.

It is most distressing.


Determinist said...

No one has ever taken my knickers (do men have knickers?) and this thought makes me sad.

Jody said...

The knicker pixies reject my plain, sensible bloomers. All present and accounted for. Ah BOO.