Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You can never get too much cheese

So I'm an evening cat sitter this week - Cheese and I have a bit of a routine that involves me lying on the sofa, with the heater on full blast, with Cheese lounging majestically on me, hogging most of the heater. Although, last night when he realised that he was taking up all the heat, I witnessed an impressive act of generosity by a cat - he moved a whole two inches so I'd get a little bit of the warmth.

Staying at Karen's who lives smack bang in Sydney city, to be both her backup flatmate and evening cat sitter, has its advantages, in that I can walk to the place I'm temping at this week, and its disadvantages, in that her shower is fierce. Waterblaster fierce. Good for sore shoulder blades, but feels like tiny, sharp pixie needles assaulting your nipples.

Anyway, I did my NZ dash, and Ruthie's wedding was pretty fracking good and I only blubbed a wee bit during the ceremony. Mum got a bit teary during my speech, which should give you some indication of just how good a speech I can give when the subject is my oldest friend who has given me permission to describe her husband as Irish MacGyver.

I saw a lot of people, lost a sock (a thigh-high woolly one, much to my fury) and a much loved item of jewellery but I'm sure they'll find their ways back to me. Bloody better. I really liked that sock. I got back to Sydney utterly exhausted and very poor and so very happy to be home. I am also blonder and minus a lot of hair, thanks to Bran and his magic scissors. I tried something new this time and bribed him with carrot cake. Which James ate a fair bit of. Possibly as revenge for us making him watch some terrible movie starring that Jolie bird and the McAvoy chap where bullets can curve round pig carcases.

I got home to the news that we were being evicted - stupid home buyers. So I'm moving back into Nic's - into an actual room this time, as he leaves the country for a month to gallivant round U-rope in his lanky nonchalant manner.

And this weekend I get a Will and a Sarah and a Tim - and the Hunter Valley. Voltron, people, it's going to be Voltron.

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