Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just for Littlejohn who begged for it

Good things about unemployment are being able to spend one's time baking birthday cakes for brothers who hit their middle thirties, and being able to hang out with visitors such as Katie, who graces me with her particularly shiny and lovely presence today, and Travis who used me as time wastage between international flights.

Whilst being used in such a manner we had lunch at a cafe and came across these delightful entries on the menu: cheery tomatoes and trendy beetroot salsa. I can only imagine that depressed tomatoes and uncool beetroot salsa are so last year.

So, anyway, Easter was spent driving 5.5 hours down the coast in search of the perfect wave for Nic, and the nastiest wasp to step on for me. I ate no Easter eggs because this accursed country doesn't have marshmellow ones. Jesus died on a cross so I could have those, damn it.

And I have started reading Grimms fairy tales and have learnt that if I throw frogs at my bedroom wall they'll probably turn into princes. Nic's flatmate unkindly pointed out that until I move out of the living room, I won't have a bedroom wall to attempt this with. No cake for him.

I read a rather good opening line today: 'There was a bird, a mouse and a sausage living together in a house ...' you can't help but read on because you KNOW this living arrangement can't possibly work out.

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