Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ups to me because I give the awards

Have I mentioned how much I like aioli? Because I like it. Are you allowed to eat it with a spoon? Do I care? It is the savoury equivalent of chocolate sauce. Maybe I wouldn’t smear it all over myself in order for some lucky victim to lick it off but that’s mostly because I’d see that as a massive waste of aioli. Same goes for chocolate sauce.

Other food-related points – I quite often fail to see the point of cucumber.

So, the bigger Whitson came to stay and it was all magical, like we were living in the enchanted forest and any moment now we’d come across the magic faraway tree and discover that at the top of the tree was The Land of Take What you Want and we’d just go nuts and come home with ponies and candy floss and ovens that produce cookies whenever you clap your hands.

Nic brought me a belated Christmas present, which was lovely, except I didn’t have anything for him because we’d said NO PRESENTS. Anyway, he gave me a bottle of Cougar bourbon and told me to drink it with Jess and act appropriately. We drank the bourbon but failed miserably to pounce on any very young men. Maybe next time – we were a bit distracted by Sorority Boys – men in drag make us swoon.

Yes, I have a Jessa in my arms. It’s very nice. She smells good. Probably because she washes her hair.

We also had the fleetingness of a Justin. He was here for ages but, well, you know Justin. He’s very hard to catch. He’s the sort of person for whom those gladiator nets were invented.

Three weeks left of work, hurrah. This whole working ‘thing’ is killing me. Yes, yes, it’s a nice job, but unemployment elsewhere shimmies enticingly in front of me, and by jingo, I’m going to get my aioli-smeared hands all over that stuff.

We had cats for the weekend. They liked my room the best and peed on my bed. I wish they'd liked Oren's the best. He's back from Israel and he's allergic to cats. It would have been hilarious. For me.

He brought us chocolate. We left it in the sun. It's still tasty.

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Mark said...

Lack of connection small world moment: So Tim and Ana were here for the weekend and I dropped them off at the wedding... Annie and Rohan's wedding. Didn't even make the connection that Annie is a) one of Ana's closest friends and therefore b) Jessa's sister.

Tim and Ana thought Jessa looked amazing