Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Prague: Czech it out

For reasons I can no longer remember, I decided not to buy the t-shirt with the above slogan on the weekend. I now regret this a great deal - how better could I let people know that I have been to Prague?

So, yeah, Prague. Stag party central. Oddly, not the reason I was there. But I did wind up in a photo with a groom-to-be who was wearing only a Borat-style mankini. Will no doubt be plastered all over Facebook any day now.

Why was I there? My love of cheese, beer and pork-related products? My fluent Czech needing a workout?

Caro got older and six of us went to Prague to mourn the loss of her twenties. We went clubbing - haven't been clubbing in ages. I know now which city in Europe buys the most wonderbras. And has the most metrosexual bunch of men I've ever seen. We lasted at the club for at least 90 minutes. And then we'd had enough. Because we are old and we were tired.

We did touristy things like go see stuff. Like a castle. A church where they've had to dig up several thousand graves and so they've made the bones into decorations and a bit of a money-spinner. We drank beer. Ate a lot of sausage and cheese. Slept some. Went to Tesco to see if it was any different from the English Tesco. Caro got some great knickers. Got not enough sleep and caught an early flight back to London so I could go to work like a nerd.

Actually, getting to work at 10.30am and having to go to a meeting at 11am, which took place in a cafe on Southbank, where we did little work and much chatting, followed by lunch with Kruse, meant that I didn't have to do much in the way of thinking or working, which was probably for the best, really.

Tried to play boozy Twister with Dan and a visiting James T last week. Not the best game I've ever played. And Dan made me run for the tube, shouting Marine insults at me the whole way.

Work is frantic again, there is paper all over my desk and we're out of chocolates. It's time for some sort of mission.

Side note: the best way to make a two-hour plane trip more interesting is to sit next to Katie. We talked non-stop and worked out how to save our souls/planet/sanity in only two hours. I thoroughly recommend her.

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