Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Trophy Wives Anon

New potatoes and hummus. Now I smell a bit garlicky but it was worth it. Not sure my workmates appreciate it, but I don't really care.

So, being the very popular person that I am, last weekend I had two parties and a barbecue to attend. Sadly, this being London, I failed to make it to one of the parties because it was ages away and straightening my hair took somewhat longer than I had anticipated. I had to straighten my hair because we were going to a stereotypes party and trophy wives wouldn't dream of having a haystack on their head like I do most days. I was rather pleased with my outfit. Never before have I had an excuse to wear white denim stretch capris. And a gold bejewelled Grecian tunic. The pink heels are an everyday wardrobe staple, however. I was also accompanied by the ultimate accessory - an ex-husband, resplendent in his tuxedo with lipstick marks on his shirt from other women. I don't think I saw Kruse without a bottle of champagne in his hand all night. Or the next day, as having woken up in our clothes in Chook's bed (me squished in the middle), we carried on carousing to Caro's 30th barbecue. Not enough sleep, more than a little too much booze and we were a trifle tired by 10pm on Sunday night when we finally got home. Work on Monday was downright hard. Probably worse for Kruse because it was his first day.

Yes, that's right, Kruse got a job. And has discovered the joys of the morning rush-hour tube. He is now determined to move somewhere closer so he can walk to work.

Best conversation had all weekend - what does milkshake, as in the milkshake song, mean to you? Great ice-breaker. Some very odd definitions from people, all of whom thought they were right. Best one came from Ebony who apparently once used it in a conversation as a pick-up line. I'm not too sure how you'd manage to make her suggestion look sexy, but, it takes all types.

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