Monday, April 14, 2008

Home again, home again, jiggety jig

Hong Kong hides its public toilets very well. Which is awkward when it's all hot and sticky and you drink a lot of water.

But that's okay because I am home now. And it is raining nice NZ rain. (It only seems nice because I am at home. I'm sure this will stop being nice the moment I have to go outside.)

And last night I tried to give Bran, Jase and Demelza food poisoning by cooking roast chicken in Bran and Jase's very badly lit kitchen. Mood lighting, sure. Pinkish chicken? Maybe. But no one complains. And then there are marshmellow eggs, which make everything all shiny.

Am rather tired because despite the stopover and both my flights being under 12 hours, and the fact that each time I had an empty seat next to me for lounging over, I failed to get much sleep - so was wide awake at 3am this morning for quite some time. And then was rudely awoken at 9am by Jase wanting to show me where he keeps his car so I can drive it.

"Drive to the conditions, Pen."
I was listening, mostly. I was also reeling from inadvertenly getting a whiff of my morning breath.

But I'm almost done watching informercials now - so addictive - so it must be time to do something. Except it's raining. Perhaps going back to bed/mattress on the living room floor is a good idea.

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