Thursday, February 7, 2008

Waitangi Day

I made Anzac biscuits. They were good. My workmates scoffed them down. One workmate ate four - she was having a bad day and therefore 'needed' them. Fair enough. Workmates wished me a 'happy Waitangi Day', which sounds odd, because I don't think anyone has ever said that to me before.
I made an attempt to explain Waitangi Day to a workmate - after which she said 'Well, you're still doing better than the Australians, aren't you'.

Pie and pint had been decided upon as a suitable way to celebrate our national day - so eleven of us met up in town and did so. The pies were not great. The pints were quite acceptable. It was put forward that instead of attending the Waitangi Day Pub Crawl with all the other Kiwis in London this weekend (carnage, by all reports - 8000 very drunk and patriotic Kiwis on the tube is not quite so appealing as it may sound) we would instead opt for a semi-civilised luncheon (which probably won't be that civilised, really) and then join the end of the pub crawl for the haka at parliament. Whether or not we actually achieve this remains to be seen.

Back to my dreams - last night's one had an actual Stairway to Heaven. Oh yes, quite the tourist drawcard. We (me and some of those faceless people who so often turn up in dreams) were being rather scathing about said tourists, but I was secretly thinking 'I want to go and have a looksee'.

In a moment of madness I joined the gym. And then had to suffer through a ridiculous induction that everyone has to go through, presumably so you don't sue when you fall off the treadmill.
'Out of ten, how do you feel when you walk in the door of the gym?'
Quietness. I am pondering, wondering if it is somehow a trick question.
'Ah, seven?'
'Hmm.' Writes it down. 'And how could we make that a ten?'
Thinking hard - Fuck off and leave me be does seem like the obvious answer, but I'm not sure this is what they want to hear. It would probably be a ten if they gave me money for turning up.
In the end I mumble some bollocks about finding winter a bit disheartening so if they could just make it summer I'd probably give them a ten, purely for being on those kind of terms with the magic Weather Man.

I have made the mistake of wearing a tightish T-shirt over the bra that has little beads on the outside of one cup, thus making me look as though I've had an outbreak of warts on one breast.

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