Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nose picking

Nose picking is personal sort of thing and on the whole people do seem to hide that they may indulge in a bit of nose mining. Fair enough. But one brave soul on the tube, a crowded, jostling tube, felt no fear. He was picking with gusto. And then flicking his nose treasures into the crowd. Such kindness. I was too far away to thank him but I think he felt the full force of my mental gratitude as I stared at him intently. And in princely fashion, as befits someone so far above me on the social scale, he closed his eyes and ignored me.

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Jody said...

I feel ya. There's only about 34 people in the whole of Taiwan who can resist jamming their fingers up their schnozzes, right up to the second knuckle.

One old guy on the bus was delicately dipping his ring finger into each nostril, then digging around in his ear (WHAT is in there??) and then back up the nose.