Monday, November 5, 2007

Good vs. Evil

It's the eternal fight. Good and evil. Repeated battles over the centuries, eternalised in books, poetry and film. Apparently good always wins. I certainly hope so, as in this year of 2007 we once more witness good gird up its loins, preparing to war and (hopefully) win against evil. Good, here being represented by me, Penelope, and the face of evil cavorting here as my jeans.

I think Katie might be an agent of the devil. She's made another batch of extremely delicious truffles that call to me, even when they're in the fridge.

Aside from working my way through all the different flavours of chocolate at the supermarket, I have been doing stuff. Am not sure what, exactly, but it seems to be extremely time consuming. And exhausting. Honestly, unemployment can really take it out of a girl.

Spoke to minor on the weekend. Got slightly homesick.

And went to Caro and Dom's Bonfire Night. Great fun. Everyone loves a sparkler. Also caught up with Dan Scott and his lady chum who kindly allowed me to sleep on their sofa, after escorting me to a comedy night. Surprise star of the evening was not a comedian, but came rather from the audience and was a drunk, middle-aged woman called Teresa who was determined to get her money's worth by heckling the performers, often making no sense whatsoever. I have no doubt that she felt just as proud of her performance the morning after as she obviously did that night.

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