Tuesday, October 30, 2007

London calling

Was terribly impressed at the supermarket today, when I was browsing in the tea section, as one does, and discovered that you can get tea specifically for hard water. Well I never!

Have been here a week now and not a great deal has changed. Am still having a great deal of trouble getting to sleep before midnight, which means that I have a great deal of trouble getting up at a sensible hour, which means I have a great deal of trouble getting anything done. It's just an endless circle of difficulty.

Have managed to see Caro and Dom, Chook, Em and Dan and Conrad. The last three I haven't seen since Fi and I swanned off to South Korea, so there was a great deal of 'Well, haven't you not changed at all, then, in six years, how very disappointing'. Dan proved to be very useful in that he aided in the getting of information off my broken laptop, which has been nastily refusing to give up my CV, which it had hidden in its electronic depths. Yes, I could have rewritten it, but that would mean trying to remember what I've done since I left high school.

Today I actually tried to get to the bottom of bank accounts and tax numbers. It appears that I cannot get either for weeks, maybe months, just because this is how the English like to do things. With as many complications as possible. Have had some amusing/utterly infuriating conversations with people on telephones as they try to explain the nonsense that is banking systems and tax numbers and what I need to prove that I exist and am not merely pretending.

So have taken up baking again. And eating. Finally, something I am very, very good at.

And then I got bored so I read all my blogs and was revolted by all the spelling and grammatical errors and started to seriously question what it is that I obviously only pretend to do for a living. I think job-hunting might be starting to depress me.

Am not impressed by what comes out of one's nose after one has been on the tube.

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