Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cocktails and show ponies

I'm just getting slacker and slacker on the blog front. The problem is the Idealog columns. They take up all the writing time, the little hogs, suckling away at all the words and leaving very little over for this.

Also, I am a sloth.

Unemployment has struck and so far it's been very pleasant. Trips to Sydney, the Bay of Islands - lolling on a catamaran. I am not the poster child for how to find a job.

Things I noted about being on a boat: I scoffed a lot of food. I didn't get any hangovers, despite the cocktails made in a coffee plunger (only available vessel for the purpose) and dolphins are total show ponies. Great big flirts are dolphins, with their come hither leaping.

I have moved flats - and now get to touch up two cats and admire the orange tree. I had to paint my new room and I did a terrible job, but I did do it. I also put together a kitset bookshelf and only two of the shelves are glued in backwards, which I feel demonstrates a certain level of skill.

And to complement unemployment, I have hayfever. It's a right fucker.

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