Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I know you were all concerned about how I was going to get four teapots and all the associated shit that goes with owning many vessels home but I did it. Secure in my knickers and stuffed full of my socks the little teapots made the trip of a lifetime across the ditch, eager to acquire Kiwi accents and Bell tea.

Once home, I roused ma and pa out of retirement to go car shopping. They had the best time as I merely looked stupid and a bit colourist as I refused to buy a yellow vehicle. No need to look like I should be racing the streets of Tokyo when I can barely recall how to drive.

And now I'm safely ensconced in good ol' Auckland. It's no Wellington but as that city failed to find me the job, it's in the dogbox. Auckland has let me be a penguin and I am perfecting my waddle.

And now I have to look through my new flatmate's wedding album. He's divorced so this should be very good.


Determinist said...

Phew! The teapots... Oh... the teapots!

Glad to have you back in NZ Pen, even if it's not the right city.

Why isn't Wellington the centre of NZ publishing? I have no idea. That seems wrong to me.

Penelope said...

NZ is the centre of teapots, Determinist, and that's all that matters.