Saturday, October 6, 2012

Extreme excitement on the streets of Sydney. Topshop is here! People queued overnight! OMG we can be fashionable!

Given that Ratty and I are exceedingly hip and with it (why, I have flowered trousers) we set off to investigate all four floors of garment heaven. Things I realised quite quickly:

I am not hip and with it
I hate crowds
Shorts that zip up the back do something very odd to one's bottom
Topshop knickers are excellent

It was an exhausting morning and I had to come home and collapse on my bed with a block of chocolate that is now only half the block it used to be.

Also recently arrived in Sydney is summer. 32 degrees on Friday, that slumped to 20 today. Is really very irksome because no matter how warm it is outside, the aircon at work is set to Siberia.

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