Saturday, October 22, 2011


It's taken me a few months but I've just finished smashing season 7 of the West Wing, which I saw off with fellow fan Karen and far too much cheese and not much wine because concentration is required for all the witty banter. Sweet baby Jesus I will miss it. It's as bad as the obsession Oren and I had with Battlestar. Possibly worse because I watched most of this by myself and therefore went on binges that resulted in my flatmates calling the show my porn - because I'd closet myself in my room for hours and emerge announcing that I loved them all and would lick most of them.

So I need new porn. It's probably going to be Game of Thrones.

However, a reason to leave the house on the weekends has emerged, and that is summer, complete with the Manly girls in their dresses so, so, so very short and their high, high heels they cannot walk in properly but instead adopt a bizarre, pigeon-toed clomp for. Some of the best entertainment around.


Nat said...

Game of Thrones is good tvporn. But they only have 1 season so far. So you end up buying all the books. Cept they aren't all written yet so that ends up being a bit frustrating too

Penelope said...

Nat! I have your books and I need to return them because they're taunting me and calling me a stealer.

Ben said...

Plus as a bonus, it has actual porn in it (or close).

Nat said...

Might be able to do breakfast in Manly this saturday morning. Staying out there for a wedding Friday