Monday, August 22, 2011

Smashing China

I have a great deal to write about intriguing fashions worn by people in China that I will be attempting to start a craze for here, but something much more important has come up and we need to focus on that instead.

While I was shamelessly touristing round the Far East, a decision was made by my higher ups back here in the Sydney office to terminate the free Tim Tams. I am under no illusions about the 'coincidence' that this decision was made while I was absent. A hunger strike for free biscuits covered in dark chocolate hiding a smooth creamy centre seems a little ridiculous so I think the only way to get round the Tim Tam prohibition is to buy my own - and sell them at an astronomical price to those workmates I know cannot resist. I will, in effect, become a Tim Tam dealer. Already I can see that some co-workers are suffering the shakes from being deprived of their favourite biscuit, so really, I'm being a good samaritan.

In the mean time, RIP breakfast Tim Tam. We had some good times. I'll miss you. There were days where I thought you were the only one who understood.


Determinist said...

You pusher you. I don't know if we can be friends any more.

Penelope said...

You won't be spouting such rubbish when you're desperate for your next hit.