Sunday, July 24, 2011

There's lots in a name

This is somewhat belated given the event occured a few weeks back when once again I was watching the rugby. The Super 15 final, which NZ did not win. We'd toddled off to the local for a few drinks and some watching of the big screen. Mainly to get out of the house, to catch a few friends and to soak up the atmosphere - which was, sadly, verging on violent. No actual fisticuffs but there were some angry people out that night. None appeared to be drunk but all were in favour of shouting abuse at the telly, mostly at the ref but also at the Crusaders. One chap, in particular, was very much of the school of thought that says screaming in a crowded pub at the telly is bound to win your team the championship. In fairness, no one stopped him, I think we were all too scared. His team won, for which I was somewhat grateful - he was still muttering in an angry fashion after 'his' victory was assured by the final whistle. His girlfriend sat though the whole thing calmly sipping wine. I'm guessing he does this on a regular basis.

The blokes behind us attempted to be a little more polite in their disgust at some of the moves the Crusaders were showing on the field. One of them shouted 'Don't be a poof, ref', and as we looked at him said, 'Sorry ladies. At least it wasn't the c-bomb'.

And I couldn't help myself from answering with, 'I'd rather hear cunt than poof'.

We left not long after.

I can see that to several people poof is a great deal less offensive than cunt. Cunt 'sounds' harsher to the ear for starters and has a nastier rep, if you will. But if you call someone a cunt, I don't think you're calling them a vagina. You're expressing your distaste for them on some level but it probably isn't specifically in regards to their gender. You can be a good cunt. A total cunt. An utter cunt. A very bad person indeed. But if you call someone a poof you are in effect saying that they're gay - and that it's not a good thing to be gay.

Am I making any sense? Talking out my lady bits?

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