Thursday, May 20, 2010

Putting on my pathetic pants

So, Nic and I were wandering home from quiz night, stopping off at the Salvos and St Vinnies on the way, seeing what people have left outside these fine establishments as donations - people leave some weird stuff. This is how I got my favourite cardigan. Anyway, there was a box of books, which is like cat nip to Nic and I, and we were rifling through it with fevered brows - what might we find?

At this moment, four large men walked past, one of whom was rather intoxicated and took umbrage with us stealing from the poor. Given my unemployment status I rather think I am the poor but anyway ... I backed away feeling fearful and thinking that my skills, which do not include fist fighting, were going to be better deployed calling for help on Mr Mobile Phone. Nic, meanwhile was being all nice and non-confrontational, whilst this chap got rather angry and had to be somewhat restrained by his less boozed friends who eventually - whilst also watching me punch numbers into my phone in an obvious manner - dragged him away.

There were no good books in the box.

Does this sort of behaviour make us thieves?

I have to admit to being more concerned that in such situations I am no help and as a woman I become incredibly worried about my own safety and how it might potentially go very badly for me. I feel pathetic.


Ben said...

Hmmm. Possibly it does.

Penelope said...

I am the Book Thief, Ben. Also, I thought of you on this occasion - remember when Kruse was biffed on the way home from a party and you and I stood well away and rang the police? Fun memories.

Ben said...

I recall it well. Especially the guy kicking the bottle out of Kruse's hand and everyone standing there admiring it for a second or two, and the policeman afterwards who tried to be getting us to say that all African people looked the same. Also of having similar "Hmm, probably obliged to go and get into this fight" thoughts that you've documented here, except that the whole thing was done and dusted in about 10 seconds.