Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rumble in Himatangi

If you're looking for some thugs to bash over new years, may I recommend the docile summer beach village of Himatangi.

Sadly, even though H, Katie and I were totally prepared to wrestle some youths to the ground after pulling out some insulting hand gestures, I think all the locals just wear black hoodies to keep out the sand. Not to threaten or intimidate. Pity. So we talked to the bambi we found instead.

Himatangi is a windy place. Windy and sandy. Is nice when it's not windy. But it's pretty windy. Did I mention the sand? I don't really like sand. Gets into all sorts of inappropriate places that do not need exfoliating.

New year's eve itself involved a nasty game or ten of scrabble. There was whisky, some swearing, maybe some name calling. Thoroughly enjoyable. I like going on holiday with nerds.

Christmas was also nice - was the only child home so came in for some spoiling. Had some very good conversations with the cat, who may appear to be only able to purr, but I know different. Realised I was on my way to becoming a sad old cat lady when I found several minutes of video footage of the cat on my camera. She's not doing much, pretty much just being a cat, but she's so cute! You'd love our cat. No, really.

Have had my contract at the paper extended till the end of Feb, which is all good and nicely ties in my very loose plans for world domination sometime after I turn 32 and Kit marries John in March. However, these night shifts make me a little sad when I realise that everyone else is probably doing something fun, like hanging out with friends at the pub on a sunny evening, and I am slaving over depressing headlines about road tolls. It's just as well we're having a pretty bad summer so at least they can't have their drinks outside. It's the little things you have to focus on.


will said...

Himatangi? Seriously?

We were about 4 minutes up the road, at the Pukipuki DOC Lodge!

Booze was drunk, cheesecakes were reviewed in depth, vast quantities of other snacks were eaten for statistical purposes, rock band was played using authentic back-to-nature branch drumsticks, and a DOC ranger was very confused when he showed up to shoot deer and walked in on all this.

Penelope said...

I am saddened by this news, Will. We'll just have to go back and do it again together. Less rock band, more cheesecake, though.