Monday, July 6, 2009

My poor technique

When required, I have very poor interviewing techniques. Among other things.

I was at an interview recently where one of the panelists kept throwing up. I just have that effect on some people.

Who eats the nasty spotty lolly things in the bags of licorice allsorts? They are vomit inducing, just like me when I want to be.

In other random observations/pointing outies of thingies, I was asked out by a jogger on Oriental last week. It was a little creepy. Did I say flattering? No, creepy. And far more creepy than the slightly insane man who walks around my neighbourhood talking constantly, often in a rather angry voice. I passed him on the cliffs of doom (the local horror that is Grass Street) and was not really listening to his muttering right up until, just as he passed me, he hissed 'Make the voices STOP' and I gave him my full attention. It also gave me a bit of a fright. But just a bit. Because as I've said before, I'm tough. Especially in daylight.

I've had a lot of houseguests lately - too many to bother myself with this looking for work nonsense. But I seem to be free from them all now so must get cracking. Right after I make myself fairly ill with this bag of marshmellows.

Kruse dropped by in manner of horrible ex boyfriend who comes bearing far too many bottles of French champagne that we promptly added ice cream to. Champagne spiders are all the rage. He is a useful sort of fellow. Utterly horrible, of course, but useful.

Ruthie also came to stay and there was a lot of not very feminine snorting with laughter and many, many cups of tea. And hot water bottles. She also introduced my flatmates to some ridiculous computer game and now they are hooked.

And Melissa moved in. She did heaps of baking yesterday but apparently none of it was good enough for her exacting standards (it was going to be a gift) and now we have a lot of baked goods to consume. It is just as well that I am at home all day and prepared to do anything to stave off boredom. And I have pretty much given up trying to get back in to my jeans and have embraced voluptuousness with gusto. Is that spelt correctly? Do I care? Are my standards dropping? Did I fail the spelling test at quiz night?


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