Sunday, June 7, 2009

Apologies dearest Skyehole

I have been gently reminded that I forgot to say I also saw Skye in Melbourne and she has a very decent baby belly on her. And, of my own accord, I must say she's the best looking pregnant woman in a tutu I have ever seen. And I love her. Even if she did used to joke that the fox outside our flat in London was my new boyfriend. We were just very good friends.

Oh, and Elise makes exceptionally good pesto. I was wide awake with the stupid hungry jetlag the other night just thinking about how it good her pesto would be right now, knowing quite well that if I got up to look in the fridge there would not be any. Because she didn't give me any to take home. Which is fair enough because they would have confiscated it at customs - but I can almost guarantee it wouldn't have made it to that point because I would have hoovered it up at Departures.

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