Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cooking with gas

I feel that I may have been a bit too harsh about bananas last week. They’re edible if they’re sliced. But only then.

I managed to beat Skye home from work on Monday but my triumph was cut short when I realised that we were having a power cut. As was most of the street. Not to be deterred from food I gleefully fired up the gas stove with handy old matches and set about having a glass of wine whilst I cooked by candlelight. Skye, pre-warned of the darkness, came home bearing pizza. No risotto for her. But we did manage to set off the alarm, meet the new neighbours because of this, and get permission from the landlord to take the alarm apart by force, if necessary. In the end we only had to cut some wires.
However, our night was about to get much more exciting. We played Scrabble by candlelight. I won, but it was pretty close and there was some name calling.

Went to Crowded House on the weekend, although Kruse refuses to believe this. I think he’s just jealous. It was very good, with much audience participation and holding up of cell phones in lieu of lighters. On the tube on the way home a man asked me if my name was Shasta or Clarissa or something similar. To which I said no. Well, it’s not, is it? He pondered this for a bit and then asked if I was in Philosophy 201 at the University of Canterbury. Right university, but wrong class. Which I said, but I don’t think he believed me and whispered loudly to his friend that he did know me and it was philosophy that we took. If I had been feeling generous I probably could have helped him work out where he thought he recognised me from, but I was more in the mood to hum ‘Better be home soon’ to myself (last song of the concert, very apt) instead.

Spoke to Spanna in Melbourne and was immediately overcome with a longing for summer and drinks in the garden bars of pubs with the chums who live there.

And I finally got around to posting some presents home, so those should be turning up in about six weeks.

Spanna proposed a theory last night, and I’m inclined to agree with her, that the tube sucks energy from people through their feet. And happiness. Am not liking the tube.

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